A Miracle Recovery After Man Suffers For 12 Years

A Miracle Recovery After Man Suffers for 12 Years This is an incredible story about a young boy, named Martin Pistorious, and his miraculous recovery after doctors had told him and his family there was no hope. A family’s worst nightmare started… Continue Reading →

19 Hilarious Moments of People Who “Had The Last Laugh”

There is no greater feeling in the world than getting back at someone that made you feel inferior, and the following people made sure they got the last laugh without any hesitation.  No matter the extent of humiliation, you can… Continue Reading →

Shocking Wish Comes True on Woman’s 105th Birthday

After a decade of making the same wish every year, a woman finally got what she wanted on her 105th birthday. While you wouldn’t expect this type of wish from someone her age, 105-year old Ivena Smailes doesn’t let her… Continue Reading →

Man Finds True Love After Texting Number on Bathroom Stall

Ever wonder if there is anyone out there that actually dials those numbers written on public restroom walls? Well the answer is yes, and luckily for one random guy, a quick text he sent as a shot in the dark found… Continue Reading →

Annual Photo Captures Sisterly Bond Over 40 Years

The Brown Sisters: Aging Together Over 40 Years. What started off as a simple photo of four sisters standing side-by-side, turned into a series of annual photos perfectly capturing the beautiful bond of the sisters over forty years.  In 1975,… Continue Reading →

15 Captivating Photos of Borders Taken Around the World

Borders that divide countries from one another can be very distinctive, while others you would never even know existed.  These 15 images highlight fascinating borders across the world, which may just give you the travel bug and urge to cross… Continue Reading →

15 Adorable Images of “A Man’s Best Friend” that will Immediately Steal Your Heart

We’ve all heard the saying time and time again that a dog is a man’s true best friend.  Nothing can beat their unconditional love for you, lack of judgement and never-ending excitement when you walk into the room (whether you’ve… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Things To Improve Your Quality Of Life

 Everybody goes through different emotions at different times in their lives.  Whether you feel sad, lonely, or even lazy at times, the human condition is to feel.  Although it’s a normal emotion to feel tired or even lethargic, it’s not… Continue Reading →

10 Tips On How To Handle Your Spouse’s Deployment

Maintaining a healthy relationship during a long deployment can be a major challenge.  Whether it’s for military reasons or work, keeping your bond strong while you’re apart is no easy task.  It takes a lot of commitment, trust, and dedication… Continue Reading →

Inspiring Growing Old Quotes From Celebrities

Here is a list of inspiring growing old quotes from top celebrities. 1. Cameron Diaz “There’s no such thing as anti-aging. We’re all aging, period. Women take it as something personal that they are getting older. They think that they… Continue Reading →

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