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Lose Belly Fat Immediately By Avoiding These 5 Foods

Everyone struggles with that unwanted excess fat in the stomach region, and it seems as though no matter how hard you try, you can never do enough sit-ups to get your abs where you want them. However, exercise aside, you may not realize… Continue Reading →

10 Necessary Items You Should Have in Your Car, but Probably Don’t

No matter the time of year or roads traveled there are always some auto essentials you should be traveling with in your car. We all know the standard items for example, a windshield scraper and brush, flashlight, extra batteries, jumper… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Can you believe that the average person has the maximum attention span of 6 hours per week? Whether you are a business owner, a stay-at-home parent or an employee at a large company, you need to stay focused in order to… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Things To Improve Your Quality Of Life

 Everybody goes through different emotions at different times in their lives.  Whether you feel sad, lonely, or even lazy at times, the human condition is to feel.  Although it’s a normal emotion to feel tired or even lethargic, it’s not… Continue Reading →

10 Tips On How To Handle Your Spouse’s Deployment

Maintaining a healthy relationship during a long deployment can be a major challenge.  Whether it’s for military reasons or work, keeping your bond strong while you’re apart is no easy task.  It takes a lot of commitment, trust, and dedication… Continue Reading →

Today’s Hottest Abbreviations To Know

Do you ever see comments from teeny-boppers on Facebook and wonder if it’s actually English? It today’s society, the new generations seem to abbreviate everything.  It’s almost a secret code among all of them. If you are starting to get… Continue Reading →

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