A Miracle Recovery After Man Suffers for 12 Years

This is an incredible story about a young boy, named Martin Pistorious, and his miraculous recovery after doctors had told him and his family there was no hope. A family’s worst nightmare started to unravel, as Martin was a very healthy boy with no signs of any illnesses or conditions. But that all changed one day…

1. A Healthy Young Boy

Martin Pistorious was born in raised in South Africa, and just like any average kid, he enjoyed playing with his friends and spending most of his time outdoors. He was an extremely healthy young man, never suffering from any type of illness other than a bad cold. Until one day, all of that changed…

2. A Happy Family

Martin is pictured here with his family, taken before he fell extremely ill. When Martin was only 12 years old, he came home from school one day not quite feeling himself. Martin’s mother knew something was not right with her son, but she could not have imagined what was about to unfold with her son. Soon thereafter, Martin began to lose movement of his muscles and he was unable to even communicate. The family was horrified when they received Martin’s first diagnosis from doctors…

3. The Diagnosis

Doctors believed Martin to be suffering from cryptococcal meningitis, a neurodegenerative disorder, and as he began to fall more in more into a paralyzed coma, doctors assumed he did not have much longer to live. Both unresponsive and unable to move, or even understand anything that was going on around him, Martin’s family felt extremely helpless and distraught. They began to prepare for the worst…

4. Dealing With the “New Norm”

Doing all that they could to keep their son as comfortable as possible in what they believed to be his final days, Martin’s family cared for him at home, while also having him go to a special care center daily. It was horrific for his parents to see him in this physical and mental state, and Martin’s mother actually prayed that her son would pass quickly. As horrible as it sounds, she wanted her son to be relieved from anymore suffering.

5. No Escape

A couple of years passed by, to everyone’s amazement; however, no progress had been made with Martin. During this time, Martin had stated that he was completely unaware of his surroundings, until one day he began to regain his mental strength. However, still unable to move, Martin was unfortunately not able to communicate this to his family. It was as if he was trapped inside his own body…

6. A Lonely Ghost

For the next few years, Martin experienced the worst. He just listened as everyone around him spoke as if he wasn’t in the room. The true colors of the people he loved really began to show, and Martin felt as though he was going to spend the rest of his life completely alone and trapped.

7. The First Glimmer of Hope

Martin’s family received their first glimmer of hope when Martin’s physical therapist noticed movement in his eyes, proving he was in fact trying to communicate. Martin was ecstatic with this new development, and this was only the beginning. Slowly, but surely, Martin began to regain muscle strength. While he was still unable to verbally speak, he began to use a computer to communicate and was able to push himself in a wheelchair. 

8. The Recovery Process

By age 19, Martin’s mind had fully recovered. While this was an extremely happy time for everyone, it was also very difficult for Martin to look back on the last few years and all of the life he had lost. Determined to move forward with his life, Martin enrolled in college and learned how to drive a car specially designed for his condition. Something he was told he would never be able to do…

9. A Virtual Love Story

Finding true love was something Martin never thought possible at this point in his life, until he met Joanna. Martin and Joanna met online in 2008; however, not complete strangers, as Joanna was a friend of Martin’s sister. The two were quickly drawn to one another, as Joanna thought Martin to be the most honest and funny man she had ever met. It wasn’t long before Martin and Joanna decided to meet in Britain, where Joanna was currently residing. 

10. A Beautiful Wedding

It wasn’t long after their first meeting that Martin and Joanna knew this was a love that would last forever. Knowing they could no longer be apart, the two were married shortly thereafter. Still together today, Martin and Joanna spend much of their time sharing their love story and Martin’s miraculous recovery. They encourage others to hold out hope in what seems to be the most unfortunate situations. Martin’s story proves that miracles really do exist, and you should never lose faith.