There is no greater feeling in the world than getting back at someone that made you feel inferior, and the following people made sure they got the last laugh without any hesitation.  No matter the extent of humiliation, you can be rest assured that they are no longer wallowing in their misfortune!

1. The ultimate hair revenge. No need for car vandalism; nowadays, women are reverting to more extreme measures when they find out they have been cheated on!

2. Quite the slap in the face, and quite hilarious all at the same time.

3. We take it back, car vandalism is still in full effect…

4. Would love to meet this comedian in person!

5. Think it’s safe to assume that her husband had no regrets…until this happened!

6. The rain is no match for this guy!

7. When a narcissist grows up…they just become an even hotter narcissist.

8. How much can we bet that she has not put two and two together??

9. When your older sibling gets first pick on the end room in the house, you make sure he regrets his decision…

10. We’re sure she’s crawling back begging buddy, but you stay strong and don’t give in!

11. No doubt the most truthful tombstone on the planet!

12. For those who are “anti” everything…here’s something to think about!

13. Every professor on the planet needs this shirt.

14. Looks may be deceiving. Fun, innocent play between two siblings, or torment to the youngest child?

15. We’re not sure whether to laugh or cry, but we can be certain that she NEVER messes with her big sister again.

16. Pretty certain that the majority of work tension starts with the communal refrigerator…

17. Our good friend Tom is brilliant…and rich!

18. This guy is genius at avoiding any type of relationship conversations!

19. We prefer the money to be coming from a slot machine…or someone else’s bank account!