We’ve all had those days, days where even the most minor problem or occurrence can make you feel as if the world is ending. Problems so minor, that even you can look back on that moment days later and think to yourself how crazy were for getting so upset.  Here are just a few examples of those small setbacks that can really just turn your day upside down…just remember, you’re not alone.

1. Is there ever a time where tin foil actually unraveled perfectly for anyone??

2. There always has to be that one “person” to stand out in the crowd…

3. I’m pretty sure they want to make certain no one makes it to the right floor on their first try.


4. Recycling efforts are really making progress it seems…

5. Are we here to bowl…or watch baseball?

6. When someone confuses a drinking fountain for a garbage disposal…

7. No one wants to see that dangling toe…please just squeeze it in already, or get shoes that fit!

8. There have been more “man vs. vending machine” fights than any other act of violence in this world.

9. It’s simple: Power off, Power on. 

10. I wonder how many of these lids are out there today?

11. Almost perfectly even, or are they? This would drive anyone crazy for months…

12. The number one cause for divorce in the U.S. 

13. That is EXACTLY what it feels like!

14. When the roommate attempts to do the dishes, but only gets this far…