Make it short and sweet

A Dog doesn’t respond well to long and hard to pronounce names.  Stick to something short and sweet. Also, keep in mind, you’ll most likely have a nickname when you call to him. So if you must have a long, complicated name, make sure you choose something that you can make a cute nickname out of.

Strong consonants

Since dogs hear high frequency sounds best, stick to names that start with s, sh, ch, k to catch his attention.

It’s a name, not a command

Dogs hear the frequency of the word, not the actual word. This can cause confusion so make sure you don’t give your dog a name that sounds like a command e.g. no, heel, sit.

Choose an appropriate name

Don’t embarrass yourself in public by calling for your dog. Make sure it’s appropriate to use at the vet or dog park. Also, make sure you don’t name your dog something too common otherwise your dog might run to someone else.

Appearance characteristics

Check out the color, size, and features of your dog. Something might stand out to you that helps you find a good name.


Get to know your dog’s personality a bit more before choosing a name.  You might find a few quirks or funny habits that give you an idea on what to name him.

Celebrities’ dogs

Famous dogs or celebrity dogs may help you find a good name for your pet.

Book or move characters

Do you have a favorite book or movie character? If so, those are good inspirations too. You might want to name your dog after your favorite hero or villain.


If you love history, perhaps you can name your dog after your favorite poet or president.

Different languages

Search names in other languages that could relate to your heritage and create meaning for you.



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Childhood memories may hold the perfect name for your new pup. Whether it’s your favorite toy, snack, or the name of an elementary school you attended.  These could create a meaningful name for your dog.

Favorite food

A lot of people name their pets after their favorite food.  It’s a good way to bring some fun to naming your pet.

Baby names

If you don’t plan on having children, why not name your dog as if it were your child? Because after all, pets are like family hence the nickname “fur baby”. Just make sure to avoid naming your new dog after a family member.

Internet search

If you can’t seem to find a name based on the tips above, there are tons of websites that can help you find the perfect name for your new pup.

A little tip

Choose a short name with two syllables. If you have kids, let them partake on finding a good name for your dog.  Most of all, choose something original and positive.