15 Captivating Photos of Borders Taken Around the World

Borders that divide countries from one another can be very distinctive, while others you would never even know existed.  These 15 images highlight fascinating borders across the world, which may just give you the travel bug and urge to cross… Continue Reading →

15 Adorable Images of “A Man’s Best Friend” that will Immediately Steal Your Heart

We’ve all heard the saying time and time again that a dog is a man’s true best friend.  Nothing can beat their unconditional love for you, lack of judgement and never-ending excitement when you walk into the room (whether you’ve… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Things To Improve Your Quality Of Life

 Everybody goes through different emotions at different times in their lives.  Whether you feel sad, lonely, or even lazy at times, the human condition is to feel.  Although it’s a normal emotion to feel tired or even lethargic, it’s not… Continue Reading →

List Of Comedians With The Highest Salaries

Comedians have the ability to make everything better by bringing on the laugher.  You see them in movies, TV shows, and stand up performances.  So how much do they make?! You won’t believe it. 1. Jerry Seinfeld – $36 million…. Continue Reading →

Worst Movie Fails of 2015

I cannot imagine anything worse than having a movie fail at the box office after having spent millions of dollars in production. Not to mention the countless amount of hours, blood, sweat and tears that go into a film from… Continue Reading →

Brilliant, Yet Out Of The Ordinary, Proposal Ideas

As anyone can attest to, the planning and execution of a proposal is undoubtedly one of the most nerve-wracking, yet exciting moments of your life.   From every last detail, you want to make sure this day goes exactly as planned,… Continue Reading →

Slide Mishaps: Epic Disaster…Or Just Plain Epic

We’ve all been there…whether you are a kid at a water park, or partaking in your favorite fraternities “water races,” you’ve sure been a victim of the unfortunate moment where the “slip” in that slide wasn’t what you had imagined…. Continue Reading →

Last Year’s Incredible Talent Of Teen Inventors

Are we looking at the next Thomas Jefferson or Alexander Bell? Maybe not, but these kids sure know how to impress with their genius ideas and motivational work. Nothing like a child inventor to make your life seem even less… Continue Reading →

The World’s 20 Richest Hollywood Actresses

You might think you know the 20 richest actresses in Hollywood but you may be shocked to see some of the females that made the cut this year. From classic actresses like Kate Winslet and Julia Roberts to new young… Continue Reading →

You Would Never Guess These 15 Celebrities Who Never Graduated High School

There are many roads traveled on the path to success, most people assume wealth can’t be achieved without a college education or mentor or some kind. These 15 celebrities who dropped out of high school are now worth millions of… Continue Reading →

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