We’ve all been there…whether you are a kid at a water park, or partaking in your favorite fraternities “water races,” you’ve sure been a victim of the unfortunate moment where the “slip” in that slide wasn’t what you had imagined. It doesn’t matter if you embark upon a well-engineered slide, or a row of garbage bags taped together with a water hose shooting down it, the series of scrapes, burns, broken bones and just downright embarrassment is inevitable. Take a look at these top slide mishaps caught on camera at just the right moment…


  1. “Air” Born

What’s better than sliding down a hill on a raft in Hawaii?? Sliding down a raft in Hawaii with your BFF. And these girls caught just enough air to make it very unclear whose hands and feet belong to who. Looks like they are having a blast; however, I cannot envision that landing felt too great for either of them.

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  1. One Ticket To The Peep Show

I’ll never understand why girls wearing the skimpiest bikinis insist on going down the most extreme waterslides, guaranteed to pull your bottoms up and your top off before you even get half way down. Thankfully this chick has experienced plenty of bikini fails and has her hands placed (almost) perfectly to ensure a complete cover-up. Her 10-year old friend in front is just a finger short of experiencing the best moment in his life thus far. Stick around kid…you’ll get the next one!

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  1. Slip-n-slide, Or (Attempted) Synchronized Swimming?

While it has been advised that slip-n-slides be used by children only, teens and adults will not stop at taking full advantage of this favorite pastime. It does not matter whether you are sober or fully intoxicated, the famous slip-n-slide has been entertaining all ages since 1961…and these two girls are here to prove it!

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  1. Massive Collision

It’s not a party until everyone manages to fit themselves onto a slip-n-slide all at once! Whatever you do, make sure everyone goes all at once, instead of one at a time to ensure the most epic collision of all time. You’re guaranteed to go home with at least one bruise or broken bone by the end of the night, and the person with the best injury wins.

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  1. New Means Of Transportation

There is no question that the slip-n-slide is one of America’s all time favorite childhood pastimes. But why have we not looked beyond that? Today’s society insists on walking or running as our main mode of (on foot) transportation; however, the slip-n-slide is clearly a much more efficient and fast way of getting from point A to point B.   Other countries have already adopted this genius idea, so get with it America!


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