Today’s Hottest Abbreviations To Know

Do you ever see comments from teeny-boppers on Facebook and wonder if it’s actually English? It today’s society, the new generations seem to abbreviate everything.  It’s almost a secret code among all of them. If you are starting to get… Continue Reading →

Gas Pump Casualties

Why is it that we always seem to be in such a hurry at the gas station, causing us to forget some of the most obvious steps to pumping our own gas? Whether it be pulling the gas handle off… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Baby Pic Fails

Anyone can agree (whether you’re a parent or not), that there is nothing more adorable than a perfectly timed and posed baby photo. Prior to becoming a parent, one may constantly dream about being able to recreate these perfectly posed… Continue Reading →

Slide Mishaps: Epic Disaster…Or Just Plain Epic

We’ve all been there…whether you are a kid at a water park, or partaking in your favorite fraternities “water races,” you’ve sure been a victim of the unfortunate moment where the “slip” in that slide wasn’t what you had imagined…. Continue Reading →

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