We often go through old photo albums to reminisce on all those wonderful childhood memories, but have you ever gone as far as actually trying to recreate those moments? Take a look at these childhood photos that were recreated by siblings years later – hilarious, and genius!

1. Brotherly Lovesib1

2. Bath time never gets old…even when you do.sib2

3. There’s always that one kid…sib3

4. When your hands are VERY full.sib4

5. Buried Alivesib5

6. The Tyrannosaurus Rex Duosib6

7. When mom and dad couldn’t afford a bath tub…sib7

8. The Infamous Helmet Headsib8

9. The only way the middle child won’t feel left out…sib9

10. The original Making the Bandsib10

11. This should have been added to “Awkward Family Photos”…sib11

12. Batman and…Batmansib12

13. The Stiff Babysib13

14. This box seems a lot smaller than we recall…sib14