As anyone can attest to, the planning and execution of a proposal is undoubtedly one of the most nerve-wracking, yet exciting moments of your life.   From every last detail, you want to make sure this day goes exactly as planned, and sometimes unforeseen circumstances (such as people, weather, etc.) can get in the way of that. Luckily we have a few simple, yet extremely thoughtful, ideas for you that are sure to get you the “Yes” that you are looking for.


  1. Follow Your Heart

One of the most important things to focus on when proposing to your true love is to relax and be yourself. While you may think that going above and beyond may be the most important thing, just remember that your girlfriend fell in love with you for simply being you. Creativity and originality is important, yes; however, it is best to focus more on what makes your particular relationship special and unique. Stay true to yourself, follow your heart and you are sure to sweep the woman of your dreams off of her feet.


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  1. Romantic Dinner For Two (Don’t Forget the Candlelight)

Can you think of anything dreamier to a woman than a candle lit dinner? Nothing says “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” more than a romantic dinner for two with candlelight to set the mood. So set a date, prepare a special homemade dinner and don’t forget to dim the lights and set a soft tone of music in the background. Candlelight will be sure to arouse your lady and make it irresistible to say no when you get down on one knee.

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  1. Going Back To The Very First Day You Met

There is no doubt that the most exciting point of any relationship is when the two of you first met. Those moments in time where you constantly have butterflies in your stomach and you can’t seem to get enough of each other. Women constantly daydream of the first time they laid eyes on you and felt that instant connection (or maybe not so instant). Recreating that first date, or taking them to the spot where you first fell in love is sure to create a whirlwind of emotions and set an incredibly exciting and romantic scene for your proposal.

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  1. Make An Appearance On The Big Screen

Want to give your lady the ultimate surprise proposal? While this may seem contradictory to suggestion #1, don’t be afraid to “go big” if that is the type of thing you know your lady would want. A current favorite, and genius idea, is to create a short film proposing to your future wife and screen it during intermission at a movie theatre or at a sporting event. Seeing your face on the big screen will be sure to bring a smile and tears to her eyes. Plus, what woman can say no in front of an entire audience of people??


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