We all have our bucket list of incredible and unique places we would like to visit all over the world; however, have you ever had the desire to explore the forbidden wonders of the world? Whether it is due to government secrecy, or extremely dangerous conditions, many of these establishments located all over the world are ones you sure want to stay away from. Let’s take a look at some of the most private, elite and dangerous establishments all over the world.


RAF Menwith Hall, Harrogate HG3 2RF, United Kingdom

Serving as the primary intelligence and communication support between the US and UK, RAF Menwith has been noted as the largest electronic monitoring station in the world. Opened in 1954 by the British Warfare Office and leased to the United States, the Royal Air Force station contains an extensive satellite ground station and continues to serve today as a communications intercept and missile warning site.


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Bohemian Grove, Monte Rio, CA

Every year, only the most elite men in the world are invited to this 2,700-acre campground in Monte Rio, CA where they spend 2 weeks drinking, worshiping and celebrating nature. The Grove belongs to an arts-based men’s group in San Francisco, and the attendees include those with an arts/musical background, as well as well-established businessmen and government officials; in other words, people with power.

Monte Rio

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Coca-Cola Recipe Vault, Atlanta, GA

Thought of to many as the most guarded and protected secret in the world, the Coca-Cola recipe has remained a mystery for over 125 years. While guests are now invited to tour the vault, learn the history behind the “best kept secret” and enjoy various interactive activities, the secret recipe will never come close to being released.


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Vatican Secret Archive, Vatican City

The Secret Archives contain records and private letters from past Popes, dating back to the end of the 8th century. They were separated from the Vatican Library in the 17th Century and made available to only a limited number of scholars; however, today, more than 1,000 researches have been given access to these documents.

Secret archives of the Vatican

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Lascaux, Southwestern France

Located in a complex of caves in the Dordogne region of southwestern France, Lascaux is famous for its Paleolithic cave paintings and engravings. Discovered in 1940, it is estimated to be over 20,000 years old and contains nearly 2,000 figures. The caves were closed to the public in 2008 in order to preserve the artwork and history that remains on the walls.


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Pine Gap – Australia’s Area 51

Equivalent to Area 51, Australia’s Pine Gap is a satellite tracking system operated by both Australia and the US. Located 20km southwest of Alice Springs, in the middle of nowhere, it’s known as Australia’s most private and secretive establishment and has recently been held responsible for multiple US drone strikes.


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Metro-2, Moscow, Russia

Running parallel to the public Moscow Metro, Metro-2 is a secret underground metro system built during the time of Joseph Stalin to allow swift and secret transportation for Soviet Leaders in the event of Nuclear War. It is believed to remain in use today; however, government officials neither confirm nor deny it’s current existence and use today.


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Room 39, North Korea

Originally established in the late 1970’s by Kim II-Sung, Room 39 is a secret organization developed to preserve the foreign currency for political leaders in North Korea. With rumors of illegal activity being involved in the operation, such as fraud, counterfeiting and other drug related activities, Room 39 is believed to bring in anywhere from $500million to $1billion per year. From the sounds of it, Room 39 is most likely an establishment you want to stay far away from!


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Mezghorye, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia

Located about 120 miles southeast of the capital of the Republic, Mezghorye is a closed town serving as home to two military battalions. Founded in 1979 for the purpose of serving as a secret nuclear missile base, it has been rumored that even the slightest detection of nuclear presence will automatically set off the ballistic missiles.


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Disneyland’s Private Club 33, Anaheim, California

I am sure we have all heard of this magical, private establishment located within the walls of Disneyland, California, but how to get into this “invite only” club is the real question. Located in the New Orleans section of the theme park, and serving as the only place within Disneyland where you can actually order alcohol, the club itself is available to extremely elite members of society, such as the President of the United States and other well-known political leaders.

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The “Not-So-Secret” Area 51, Edwards Air Force Base, Nevada

Serving as an Air Force Facility at Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada, Homey Airport/Groom Lake (more commonly known as Area 51) is a private establishment that supports the development and testing of military aircraft and weapons. While made aware by the general public, everything that occurs within the walls of Area 51 is extremely top secret, which of course has evolved into consistent rumors of Government conspiracy theories taking place.

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Google’s Private Data Center

Serving as the first Data Center developed by the multinational technology company, this is the one data center within Google that is completely closed off to the public. Extremely private, and containing trillions of records, the high-end security of the establishment has been compared to that of Area 51.


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The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion, Ethiopia

Established as the most important church in Ethiopia, The Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion is believed to contain the Ark of the Covenant, a biblical wooden chest clad with gold that was created by a pattern that God himself had given to Moses. Only made available to the Guardian Monk today, several questions regarding the actual existence of the Ark within the walls remain unanswered.


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Whites Gentlemen’s Club, London, England

Serving as one of London’s most exclusive Gentlemen’s clubs, Whites is also the oldest established, founded in 1693. Rebuilt in the late 1700s, Whites boasts 3 stories, with both an attic and basement included, as well as a dining and billiards room. While it has always been, and still is only available to England’s most elite gentlemen (Prince William, Charles, Prince of Whales and the Duke of Cambridge to name a few), there was a very brief exception made for Queen Elizabeth in the early nineties.


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Jiangsu Museum, Nanjing, China

Banned by foreigners, The Jiangsu National Security Education Museum

is a Chinese spy museum open only to Chinese citizens. Containing secret/disguised weapons, the Chinese Government feared exposure, and therefore closed their doors to foreigners in 2009. With artifacts and documents dating back to the 1920s, the Government has also banned the use of photography within the museum, leaving several questions and theories unanswered to those not allowed within the walls.

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Ilha da Queimada Grande, Brazil

Also known as Snake Island, Ilha da Queimada Grande is an island located 18 miles off the coast of Brazil. As the island serves as home to an extremely venomous, deadly and endangered species of snakes, it has been closed to the general public (for both the protection of the pit viper and humans). Spanning over 110 acres total, there is believed to be one pit viper per every square mile on the island (430,000 to be exact). Now that is one island I will not be attempting to visit anytime soon.

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