You may be familiar with many of these famous faces; however, what you may be surprised to learn is how many of these celebrities actually have twin siblings! Whether starring behind the scenes, serving as doubles, or choosing a completely different career path, you will find that most of these “secret” twins are actually quite successful themselves. We can’t say that it has to be easy living in the shadow of such success, but these siblings seem to be doing more than well for themselves. Let’s take a look at some of the most surprising celebrity twins…


Scarlett and Hunter Johansen

You may have noticed him accompanying his twin sister on the red carpet a time or two; however, the actor himself prefers to spend the majority of his time working with charities and has also assisted with Barack Obama’s political campaigns. It’s no wonder this twin brother remains in the background of the incredibly beautiful and talented Scarlett Johansen. That is one sibling I would never want to have to go up against.



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Ashton and Michael Kutcher

You may have wondered why Ashton spends much of his “free” time catering to the research and support of Cerebral Palsy. Well, you will be surprised to learn that this disease, which has greatly affected his twin brother’s life since birth, is the reason Ashton got into the modeling/acting business in the first place. Hoping to help his family with his twin’s medical costs, Ashton had no idea how far his career would take him!



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Alanis and Hunter Morissette

More talented that the lovely Alanis Morisette herself? Looks like someone has some (hidden) competition with her twin. Not only does Hunter take pride in music himself, but he also is a well-trained spiritual coach and yoga instructor. Sounds like these two have more in common than we may be aware.


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Gisele and Patricia Bundchen

Well this may be the best-kept “twin” secret we have ever encountered! How in the world has this beauty been kept a secret all of these years? While they may not be identical, the supermodel’s beauty clearly extends well into her family. Surprisingly, Patricia chose to serve as her sister’s manager instead of continuing to pursue her own modeling career.


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Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi

You may remember spotting Giovanni’s twin sister in films such as The Brady Bunch Movie, or Pleasantville. However, Marissa Ribsi chose to leave the spotlight after marrying singer, Beck, in 2004 in order to focus on her family and fashion line, which she later launched in 2007. While Giovanni and Marissa remain quite close, it’s apparent that he has taken his acting career above and beyond in recent years.


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Aaron and Shawn Ashmore

I bet you never realized that Aaron and Shawn Ashmore are actually two different people. About as identical as it comes, both actors have shared a few onscreen roles; however, both individually talented and successful, Shawn is best known for his role in X-Men and Aaron for his role on the hit television series, Smallville.


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Nicholas Brendon and Kelly Donovan

While we don’t see these familiar faces on the television screen as much these days, I am sure you have not forgotten the charming Xander Harris from the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. While the key role was played by Nicholas Brendon, Kelly stood behind the scenes as a set dresser and also stood in as Xander’s double.


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Jon and Dan Heder

Comedians come in two? I am sure you will be shocked to learn that the hilarious Napoleon Dynamite actually has an identical twin. Unfortunately, Jon seems to be the only brother putting his humor and talent to the stage. While Dan shares a love for the entertainment industry as well, he chooses to stay behind the scenes in animation.

Dan Heder

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Jill and Jacqueline Hennessy

Canadian twin sisters, Jill and Jacqueline are both equally successful in the entertainment industry. While starring together in several movies/television series in their earlier years, the duo has since then separated, both professionally and location wise. Jill is located in the U.S. and has recently starred in Crossing Jordan and Law and Order, while Jacqueline has remained in Canada, currently both a magazine editor and the host of a medical show.


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Olly and Ben Murs

You may recognize this face (or faces) from the hit reality show, The X Factor. Olly starred on the television show in 2009, which apparently cost him his relationship with his twin brother after having to miss his wedding due to the taping of the show. Unfortunately, over 6 years later, the pair of brothers have yet to reconcile their difference.


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Jacob and Joseph Fiennes

English film and stage actor, most commonly known for his role in Shakespeare in Love and Elizabeth, Joseph Fiennes is the only twin that took the entertainment route. While their other 4 siblings are involved in the arts in one way or the other, Jacob is a conservationist in Norfolk and considers himself “a country boy at heart.”

double o

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Judy and Joselin Reyes

While you may be most familiar with the star of Scrubs, you will be surprised to know that Judy Reyes has a twin sister, Joselin, who also has a television career of her own. Starring in several roles of Law and Order, Joselin also played Judy’s (Carla’s) sister in an episode of Scrubs.


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Kiefer and Rachel Sutherland

Now here is a surprise; who knew that the star of the hit television series, 24, has a twin sister? And wow, do they look alike! Born in London, the pair both currently reside in LA working in the entertainment industry. However, Rachel has chosen to work behind the camera as a post-production supervisor.


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Joy and Eva Green

Fraternal twins, Joy and Eva Green, could not have taken more different paths in life. Born in Paris, France, Eva has starred in several major films throughout her career, including the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale. Joy, on the other hand, focuses her efforts in the business world.


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Jenna and Barbara Bush

Fraternal twin daughters to former President, George Bush, Jenna is well known in the entertainment industry as an author and TV journalist. You may recognize her starring frequently on The Today Show. Barbara focuses her attention on political efforts as well, serving as the Co-Founder and President of a non-profit organization that focuses on public health.


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Twin Diesels

Mark Sinclair Vincent, better known as Vin Diesel and star of the hit movie series, The Fast and The Furious, kept his twin brother a “secret” until he recently released a photo of him next to the late Paul Walker. While we do not know much about Vin’s twin, it is safe to say he does an incredible job of keeping himself out of the spotlight.

Vin Diesel

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Parker and Christopher Posey

American actress and musician, Parker Posey, began her career in the early 90s starring in independent films; however, has gone on to star in more recent major films, including Superman Returns and 2015’s Irrational Man. Her twin brother, Christopher, has taken a completely different route with his career, who is now a lawyer in Atlanta, GA.


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Charlotte and Samantha Ronson

DJ, Samantha Ronson (better known as Lindsay Lohan’s ex-girlfriend), surprisingly has a twin sister who is an incredibly talented fashion designer. You may also be familiar with this duo’s older sibling, Mark Ronson, who is a producer, singer/songwriter and DJ as well. Their parents must really be proud!


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Leslie and Linda Hamilton

Launching her acting career in The Terminator, Leslie Hamilton has also starred in several movies, including NBC’s television series, Chuck. While serving as Leslie’s double in Terminator 2, her twin sister, Linda, has chosen to focus her career elsewhere in nursing.


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Siva and Kumar Kaneswaran

Member of the British boy band, The Wanted, Siva Kaneswaran began his career as a young Irish model and singer. While we don’t know much about his twin brother, Kumar, you will often find the twin posing in front of the camera pretending (and hoping) to be his brother.


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Aaron and Angel Carter

Now here is a family with a lot of past drama in the media. The world knows Aaron Carter as Nick Carter’s (former boy band heartthrob) younger brother; however, I bet you didn’t realize he had an equally talented twin sister, Angel. The family’s ongoing feud only continues, as Nick Carter was noticeably absent from his younger sister’s wedding in 2014. Aaron, on the other hand, proudly walked his twin sister down the aisle.



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