Kaitlin Donahoe

10 Necessary Items You Should Have in Your Car, but Probably Don’t

No matter the time of year or roads traveled there are always some auto essentials you should be traveling with in your car. We all know the standard items for example, a windshield scraper and brush, flashlight, extra batteries, jumper… Continue Reading →

Annual Photo of Father and Son Bond Taken Over 3 Decades

    Father and son duo, Tian Jun and Tian Li, have been taking the exact same photo of themselves together for 28 years now.  Born in 1986, Tian Li’s father posed with his newborn son outside their home in… Continue Reading →

20 Celebrities Who Were Taken Too Soon

Constantly in the spotlight, the life of an actor or musician can become extremely overwhelming and oftentimes leads to a long road of drug and/or alcohol abuse.  Whether addiction related or not, we have seen some of Hollywood’s most beloved… Continue Reading →

Shocking Then and Now Photos of the Highly Anticipated Bond Girls

  Eunice Grayson Our first ever “Bond girl,” Eunice Grayson, who starred in Dr. No and From Russia with Love alongside Sean Connery, was originally cast as secretary Miss Moneypenny.  However, the role was later given to Lois Maxwell and… Continue Reading →

Hollywood’s Most Intelligent Celebrities, with the IQ’s to Prove it

Between incredibly good looks and amazing talent, it’s hard to imagine that some of Hollywood’s most well known stars are also ridiculously smart. Surprisingly enough, many celebrities blow us out of the water with their brains, scoring an extremely high… Continue Reading →

19 Remarkable Homes of Current and Former NFL Players

NFL players have a lot more in common than competing on the field, as you will also find them competing with each other against the finer things in life, such as their homes. More often than not, we are amazed… Continue Reading →

16 Fascinating, Forbidden Landmarks Around The World

We all have our bucket list of incredible and unique places we would like to visit all over the world; however, have you ever had the desire to explore the forbidden wonders of the world? Whether it is due to… Continue Reading →

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