Anyone can agree (whether you’re a parent or not), that there is nothing more adorable than a perfectly timed and posed baby photo. Prior to becoming a parent, one may constantly dream about being able to recreate these perfectly posed photos with their very own baby one day. Unfortunately, what no one warns you about is what actually takes place “behind the scenes.” After hours of attempts and what seems like thousands of shots, it may take a miracle to get you that one perfect photo. These next few images give you a brief glance at what really takes place when trying to capture these “flawless” moments…


  1. Light As A Feather?

Everyone has seen the “baby perfectly cradled in both parents’ hands” photo, but this pose is anything but comforting for a newborn. Not only is it freezing with no clothes on, but also there is no way a baby feels safe being held onto by just two sets of hands. Don’t worry little guy, I would have that same expression on my face if I were in your position. These parents are only a few moments away from permanently traumatizing their little one for life.


Image Source Funtime.Com


  1. Birthed From A Pumpkin

And then there’s the infamous “baby in a pumpkin” photo. I don’t care what anyone says, there is no way that the kid on the left is smiling simply because he/she is sitting in a pumpkin. What are they waving behind the camera – guarantee it’s a full bottle of milk or a video of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Or better yet, I bet he/she is photo shopped in there. The kid on the right has the right idea…”Get me outta here! It’s cold and lumpy and there is no way you are keeping me in here long enough to force me to smile for the camera!”


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  1. Christmas Cheer (Or Disaster!)

This photo is one that has irked me for years. Every Christmas, I see several attempts of my friends trying to capture their babies tangled in Christmas lights. What part of that statement seems even remotely responsible of a parent? Nothing like awarding yourself “parent of the year” than putting your child in a situation where they can either be strangled or set on fire.   “Oooh, this looks yummy. Let me put it in my mouth and bite down real hard!” But hey, if you get the perfect photo it’s all worth it, right? Thankfully the child on the right is already aware that he is being raised by a couple of morons.

xmas baby

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  1. Smash Face

And last, but not least, the baby kissy-face sandwich. Parents love nothing more than capturing the perfect moment where they smash their baby’s face with an unwanted kiss from both sides. Per usual, mom has the pose perfected to the “T,” while dad definitely has some work to do in the bottom photo. Can you possibly look any less interested in taking this photo with your sweet child and loving wife? And crying or not, these babies look terrified in both examples…and I don’t blame them!


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