Why is it that we always seem to be in such a hurry at the gas station, causing us to forget some of the most obvious steps to pumping our own gas? Whether it be pulling the gas handle off too soon and allowing gas to explode everywhere causing a serious potential fire hazard, or simply forgetting to place the lid back on your gas tank, we’ve all fell victim to this misfortune at one point in our life. Although gas prices are finally beginning to plummet, they were on the rise for years! Blame it on limited resources and high demand all you want, but has anyone ever thought about the fact that these minor mishaps may have also contributed to the never-ending hike we’ve seen in gas prices over the years?? Here are just a few of our favorite gas station casualties…take note of the license plate and send them a bill!


  1. Don’t Forget To Pull Out!

Can you think of anything more embarrassing than driving down the interstate with the nozzle still attached to your car? This guy was clearly in a hurry, and judging by the look of his outdated BMW, I am going to guess his day only gets worse from here…


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  1. Prized Prius

I can’t tell whether or not this guy has glasses on, but clearly he needs them. You could not possibly park any farther away from the pump. I will give you credit my friend, that’s a pretty fancy Prius you have right there…don’t want to get too close to the pump by fear of scratching your precious car. Just make sure you take up just enough room so that no other cars can enter and get anywhere near you.


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  1. Another Similar Victim…

And yet we have another victim of the “forgetting to remove the nozzle prior to departure.”   However, this one was too good not to share as well, given that the car has a clearly labeled warning sign on it’s bumper. Careful of this driver ladies and gentlemen…evidently his brain is not attached to his head.


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  1. Can I Get Some Help Here?

I have to give this girl some credit. At least she realized her mistake prior to leaving the parking lot. I do love how concerned the look on her face is, as though it was the gas pumps fault for not detaching itself from her vehicle. And yes, you will have to pay for that one, Ma’am…


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  1. And The Winner Is…

Last but not least, this wonderful disaster. This guy gives “gas on the go” a new meaning! Actually bringing the entire gas pump with you takes gas station mishaps to a whole other level. Ouch, this damage is really going to cost you. Just remember to keep your head up, it could be worse, or could it?


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