Borders that divide countries from one another can be very distinctive, while others you would never even know existed.  These 15 images highlight fascinating borders across the world, which may just give you the travel bug and urge to cross the “be in two (or three) places at once” off the old bucket list…

1. Argentina and Brazil


The Iguazu Falls separates these two beautiful South American countries from one another.

2. Haiti and The Dominican Republic


The luscious greenery clearly divides these two Nations (amongst many other things).

3. Macau and Mainland China


Now here’s quite the maze, and what happens when two bordering countries drive on separate sides of the road.

4. Slovakia, Austria and Hungary


Ever thought you’d be able to sit and enjoy a drink with friends in 3 separate countries all at once?

5. USA and Canada


Nothing like running down beautiful landscape to ensure there is a clear distinction across border lines.

6. Poland and Ukraine


Now here’s a confusing one…looks like you will need a compass to determine which direction the fish is facing to tell you which country you are in.

7. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay


A stunning view of the ‘Triple Frontier,’ where the Iguazu and Parana rivers converge.

8. Norway and Sweden


The ultimate adrenaline rush “cruising” along the Norway/Sweden border.

9. USA and Mexico


Can you guess which country suffers from overpopulation?

10. USA and Mexico (Take Two)


An aerial view that further exemplifies the difference between American and Mexican land.

11. Brazil and Bolivia


Interesting to see how the native rain forest can go completely untouched in one country, while being fully developed in another country just steps away.

12. Spain and Portugal


A genius way to travel from one country to the next.  Sign me up!

13. Germany and Czech Republic


It’s easy to see which country highly regulates water conservation here.

14. Egypt and Israel


Taken from so high above, it’s hard to tell what we are even looking at here…

15. The Netherlands and Belgium


Not only can you dine in two places at once, but even your home can have two separate addresses.  Apparently you don’t have to be rich to own a home in two different countries.