We’ve all heard the saying time and time again that a dog is a man’s true best friend.  Nothing can beat their unconditional love for you, lack of judgement and never-ending excitement when you walk into the room (whether you’ve been gone for hours or for a mere 60 seconds).  Really makes one question why you would ever need to be in any other type of relationship?

Take a look at these 15 heartfelt photos that illustrate the unbreakable bond between a man and his furry companion.


You had me at hello.  A greeting and hug from your biggest fan can always turn any bad day around.


Who needs a romantic candlelit dinner for two, when you can share an evening in and glass of champagne with this adorable canine?


Dogs are so much easier to train than children…and women…


It’s great to have someone who is always willing to try new tricks with you, no matter how “high” the risk.


The perfect companion for any fishing trip, even if it’s just for moral support.


No matter they’re size, they are always willing to help provide the best entertainment.


Who’s going to argue against playing the little spoon?


Everyone buckled up?  The best kind of road trip buddy is one that won’t talk your ear off…

Unemployed Man Passed Out

Afternoon nap anyone?  The absolute best thing about having a dog is that they don’t judge you, ever…and they are great snuggle buddies.


Not sure what the dog in the background is more jealous of…the undivided attention the other dog is receiving, or his awesome hat?


Now here’s a tear jerker.  Proof that your best friend will never leave your side and will undoubtedly share in your pain.


This little guy has no problem helping give the “stare down.”  Nothing like having a little frenchie who always has your back.


The ultimate “welcome home” hug.  These type of photos get us every time…


Do dogs really enjoyed being carried this way?  Judging by the look on this guys face, we’re going to assume not…


The true meaning of “road dog.”  Simply classic.