Comedians have the ability to make everything better by bringing on the laugher.  You see them in movies, TV shows, and stand up performances.  So how much do they make?! You won’t believe it.

1. Jerry Seinfeld –

$36 million. Born April 29, 1954, we all know him for his infamous character on Seinfield. He specializes in observational humor and often brings in personal relationships and odd situations to his stand up.


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2. Kevin Hart –

$28.8 million. Born July 6, 1979, he began his career by winning several amateur comedy standup competitions on the East Coast.

Kevin Hart, Ride Along Red Carpet Premiere, Sydney Australia

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3. Terry Fator –

$21.5 million. Born June 10, 1965, he is able to do over 100  ventriloquial impersonations and uses multiple puppets in his show. It all started because he won season two of America’s Got Talent.

Terry Fator Mirage Las Vegas

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4. Jeff Dunham –

$19 million. Born April 18, 1962, he is another great ventriloquist to add to the list.  All his characters are politically incorrect, insulting, and mean.  It makes for a very entertaining show.

Jeff Dunham

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