16 Fascinating, Forbidden Landmarks Around The World

We all have our bucket list of incredible and unique places we would like to visit all over the world; however, have you ever had the desire to explore the forbidden wonders of the world? Whether it is due to… Continue Reading →

21 Celebrity Twins You Were Most Likely Unaware Of…

You may be familiar with many of these famous faces; however, what you may be surprised to learn is how many of these celebrities actually have twin siblings! Whether starring behind the scenes, serving as doubles, or choosing a completely… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Can you believe that the average person has the maximum attention span of 6 hours per week? Whether you are a business owner, a stay-at-home parent or an employee at a large company, you need to stay focused in order to… Continue Reading →

Busy Lifestyle? Here Are The Best Dog Breeds For You!

 Many of us would love a fur baby companion to come home to, but often worry our busy schedules won’t allow us to give them the love and attention they deserve.  We asked Pennsylvania Vet, Dr. Christopher Smith, for suggestions… Continue Reading →

14 Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Are Too Cute For Words

Gender-neutral baby names are totally in! Here are 14 adorable and unique ideas that will help you on your search for the perfect name for your new addition. CHARLIE Image Source Great for a boy. Classy for a girl. REESE Image Source… Continue Reading →

How To Find The Perfect Name For Your Dog

A dog is a great addition to any household, but finding the perfect name isn’t always easy. pretty exciting. How do you find a name that’s fitting yet has a good meaning behind it, right? If the dog is going to… Continue Reading →

10 Simple Things To Improve Your Quality Of Life

 Everybody goes through different emotions at different times in their lives.  Whether you feel sad, lonely, or even lazy at times, the human condition is to feel.  Although it’s a normal emotion to feel tired or even lethargic, it’s not… Continue Reading →

10 Tips On How To Handle Your Spouse’s Deployment

Maintaining a healthy relationship during a long deployment can be a major challenge.  Whether it’s for military reasons or work, keeping your bond strong while you’re apart is no easy task.  It takes a lot of commitment, trust, and dedication… Continue Reading →

Inspiring Growing Old Quotes From Celebrities

Here is a list of inspiring growing old quotes from top celebrities. 1. Cameron Diaz “There’s no such thing as anti-aging. We’re all aging, period. Women take it as something personal that they are getting older. They think that they… Continue Reading →

List Of Comedians With The Highest Salaries

Comedians have the ability to make everything better by bringing on the laugher.  You see them in movies, TV shows, and stand up performances.  So how much do they make?! You won’t believe it. 1. Jerry Seinfeld – $36 million…. Continue Reading →

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